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10 Things to Teach Your Child About Exercise

Updated: May 5, 2021

Do you know the real benefits of exercise? It’s not just for bodybuilders and professional athletes, exercise has real, everyday benefits for everybody. When you learn how to make exercise fun, and not a chore, it can help you improve your quality of sleep, boost your energy levels, reduce stress, and sharpen your focus so that you get better grades in school and get more done at work. When is the best time to teach your child about exercise? Start today!

1. It’s A Great Habit. Our lives change when our habits change. The better your habits, the better your life will be. Exercise is a life-changing habit.

2. Training And discipline. Everything worth doing in life requires training and discipline. Exercise is made up of training and discipline, so making it a habit will help prepare you for everything you will ever want to do in your life.

3. Exercise Partners. Don’t make exercise a chore, make it fun! Find an exercise partner and play catch in the park, hopscotch on the sidewalk, jump-rope, rollerblade, play on the playground – get active, do something fun and do it with a partner!

4. WAY More Energy. You need more energy; I need more energy. Exercise will give it to you. It’s funny to think about, but using some energy actually gives you more.

5. It Keeps The Doctor Away. Nobody likes getting sick! Thankfully, exercise helps your body stay happy, healthy, and feeling great, so you won’t need a sick visit to the doctor’s office.

6. Get Your Creative Juices Flowing. Exercise and creativity go hand-in-hand. The more creative you are with your exercises, the more fun you’ll have, but you’ll also become more creative!

7. Crush Homework! Exercise gives you energy, and also focus, which helps you crush your homework, get better grades, and get it all done faster, so you’ll have more time to play or hang out with friends.

8. Builds Self-Esteem. Did you ever do something that was really, really hard? Do you remember how good you felt afterwards? That’s the same feeling you get every time you exercise! If you’re sad, or feeling down, a little exercise will help lift your spirits.

9. When Is The Best Time To Exercise? The best time to exercise is the time when you can exercise. If it helps you to exercise at a particular time, then do it. If you have to exercise at different times, then do it. The important part is to do it.

10. When You Don’t Feel Like Exercising. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, there are going to be days when you don’t feel like exercising. When this happens, think about how good you will feel when you finish and remember that nobody ever regretted doing something that made them feel better.

Exercise isn’t just good for individuals, it’s good for families too. Go outside, get active with your children and play with them. It’s a simple way to become more active in their lives and encourage them to make healthy decisions; you may even find that your child opens up and talks to you more.

There are ups and downs, and nobody is perfect, but learning to make exercise a habit is something that can change your life. Make this wisdom a part of your child’s life today.

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